Behold the Throng of Barak Varr (at least a bit of it)

To show Tom how much I liked his gifts, I have already painted them. I really enjoyed the Lord (probably because there was no flesh)

You guys know me, I like to have fluff, so my Dwarfs are from Barak Varr, the only Dwarf
seaport. With that in mind, the color blue will be the color that ties the army together. Each type of unit will have a different accent color. In this case, engineers/warmachine crew, will be in brown, Warriors will be in different shades of red.

So here is what Tom gave me, the Organ gun, and the Dwarf Lord with great weapon.

Next up, the Dwarf Lord, Ilric Knucklecrusher.

Then the Organ Gun.

Now for the Crew. First, Crew-chief Jimmy Orksquisher.

Then, Bill Spannertosser.

Lastly, Bob Kegdenter.

Ultramarines list

Terminator Librarian
Epistolary - (GoI and Null Zone)

Terminator Chaplin


5 man Terminator Squad w/Assault Cannon
(Librarian here)

5 man Terminator Assault Squad w/ TH/SS
(Chappie here - re-rolling TH hits seems nice.....)
Landraider Redeemer w/ Multimelta


10 man Tactical squad w/ Melta/Multimelta - Sgt w/PF and combi-flamer
Rhino EA

10 man Tactical squad w/ Melta/Multimelta - Sgt w/PF and combi-flamer
Rhino EA

10 man Tactical squad w/ Flamer/Plasma-cannon - Sgt w/PF

10 man Tactical squad w/ Flamer/Plasma-cannon - Sgt w/PF


Predator - AC and HBs


Before I start any other army, I want play around with the Ultramarines and get some wins under my belt. I'm trying to gear all my lists and tactics around the old "Hammer and Anvil" technique. In this list I have a very shooty force backed up by two very CC killy units. The Redeemer will head into the thick of it while Librarian and his squad will gate around the board where I need them.

EDIT: Okay, it's been edited. Since Pidge didn't like the first list and thinks I had too many meltas. The Devs were removed and I gave all my Sgts PFs. I also plan on keeping the Librarian near the Chappie so his Null Zone helps protect him..

Mercenaries = SWs or CSMs

Like the title says, I want to make a army of Space Marine mercenaries, which I will name the Black Company. Black armor with Gunbolt Metal accents. The army will be themed after the Black Company books. They were some of my favorites growing up. The Black Company were a group of medieval/fantasy based mercenaries lead by powerful sorcerers.

The idea is to use a mixture of CSM, SW, and SM models to represent them, like the Iron Hand marines and the Legion of the Damned models. I was thinking of using the Death Watch Kill team models I have with their fancy shoulder pads to represent either Chosen CSM or SW Wolf Guard, that way I can use those great looking models that John gave me and actually use them without having to modify them..much..

I have both of the codexes and just can't decide which to base them from.

Any thoughts?

Review: Titanicus

So Dan Abnett's Titanicus now that it has come out in soft back.

So believe it or not, this book deals with a Titan war. A forge world in the Sabbott Worlds area (The same region of the Imperium that Gaunt's Ghosts takes place) has been attack by a chaos Titan legion. The Titians of Legio Invictus are rerouted against orders to defend the forge world.

I am an admitted Abnett fan boy (I think he is the best Black Library author bar none!), but I was not very happy with this book. I think that Abnett was reaching to far when he wrote this book. There are literally twelve plot lines going on in the book. And there are a few of those plot lines that have absolutely nothing to do with the overall story line.

Some may call this beardy...

I really don't care...

Lizardmen Horde - Done...

Here they are in all their Cold-Blooded awesomeness. If you can see them, notice the size difference between the old school Kroxigars and the new ones...

Templar Knights

So, for the Brettonians, I had been thinking of painting each lance of Knights in the same color scheme, then John pointed me to the Templar Knights. I think would be a very easy color scheme to stick with and would look good on the board.

Black Legion

I have succumb to the ruinous powers of Chaos...

My 12yoa son has taken over my Ultramarine army and I'm still burnt out on my IG. I bought the SW codex, but there seems to be alot of people on that bandwagon. There are no Chaos players in our group (since DP never plays), so I bought the CSM codex and I really like the Black Legion. I think it will be fun to paint and even more fun to play. I like all the units (Except for Noise marines...can't get over the pink...). Here are the lists I had in mind and have start calculating my $ costs at the local 20% off retailer. I probably won't get started on this project until after the holidays, when I have more time...

HQ 1:
Chaos Sorcerer MoT
Bolt or Change
Winds of Chaos

HQ 2:
Demon Prince W/wings MoK

Elite 1: (Lord here)
4 Terminators with 3 combi-meltas, heavy flamer, and CG
1 Term-cham with PF

Troop 1:
9 Zerkers w/ Icon
1 Champ w/ PW

Troop 2:
9 CSMs w/ 2 meltas and CG
1 Champ w/ PF

Troop 3:
9 CSMs w/ 2 meltas and CG
1 Champ w/ PF

Troop 4: (Sorcerer here)
8 Thousand Sons w/ Icon
1 Sorc w/ Wind of Chaos
Rhino EA

Heavy 1:

Heavy 2:
3 Obilitirators


Leaves me with 36pts left over. Beef up the Sorcerer or put marks on one of the regular space marines?

"Death to the worshipers of the False Emperor!" (just trying it out....)

15 minute Stormvermin... Yay Dip!

Okay the dip method is still my favorite method of painting.. I did my best to match the before and after pictures..

By clicking the image you'll see that while its not perfect post dip.. Its certainly good enough for the table top..

Another "Real" List

HQ 185
Canis Wolfborn

Elite 192
Wolf Guard Pack x 4: Terminator Armor x 4, Cyclone Missile Launcher x 2

Troops 225
Grey Hunter Pack x 10: Flamer, Meltagun, Power Fist, Mark of the Wulfen, Rhino

Troops 225
Grey Hunter Pack x 10: Flamer, Meltagun, Power Fist, Mark of the Wulfen, Rhino

Troops 225
Grey Hunter Pack x 10: Flamer, Meltagun, Power Fist, Mark of the Wulfen, Rhino

Troops 225
Grey Hunter Pack x 10: Flamer, Meltagun, Power Fist, Mark of the Wulfen, Rhino

Fast Attack 345
Thunderwolf Cavalry x 5: Power Weapon, Wolf Claw, Frost Blade, Thunder Hammer, Melta Bomb

Heavy Support 140
Long Fang Pack x 6: Missile Launcher x 3, Lascannon x 2

Heavy Support 140
Long Fang Pack x 6: Missile Launcher x 3, Lascannon x 2

Model Count 64

Total Points 1962

So here is this list. I feel weird not having a LR, or Dread, or Wolf Scouts in the list, but I think it could work.

The TW Cav are pretty friggin scary. S5, T5, 2 wound models, all but one is decked out with a PW, so they are all individuals when it comes to wound allocation, plus I'm going to stick Canis with them. The nifty thing about TW Cav is that they can assault you anywhere from 19-24 inches.

Behind them comes the 4 rhinos. I'm hoping the TW cav is scary enough to draw fire until the rhinos are in range. The 10 man GH squad with free flamer and free melta is just too good to pass up!

Behind them are the Long Fang Packs with Wolf Guard Escorts. Each unit is throwing 3 ML and 3 LCs at two different targets each turn. Thank you Cyclone Missile Launcher!

Anywho, critiques are welcome. Especially with what to do with the extra 38 points. I was thinking a Lone Wolf, but I just don't think I can deck him out nifty enough. I was considering dropping the Termie armor on the two Wolf Guard that aren't carrying the Cyclone MLs, and that would free up 50 more points.


Yall are in trouble.. The new Skaven are going to be a lot of fun.. for me.. Less so for you guys.. heh

Actually the new book reads like they are moving back to what Skaven used to be (and what they should be).. They are now as much a danger to themselves as they are to others..

All of the new weapon teams have a pretty good chance of going "Foomph!" and taking out a large chunk of models.. yours or mine..

In fact just about everything in the army is written so that friend or foe can be affected by it.. Friendly fire is just a way of life in the Skaven and that is what made them fun previously.. I'm glad they are back to that..

The only rule/model in the whole army I really question is the Hellpit Abomination.. Either I'm missing something entirely or this thing is overpowered.. It really does read like something that got snuck into the book by mistake..

Not only does it not really "fit" with the feel of the army but it's also nutty powerful.. We shall see..

It also doesn't have a model.. Along with most of the other new things in the codex.. The new Doomwheel is very nice and was fun to paint.. (I am still pondering what to paint on the banner so I haven't done it yet.)

Note: Click the images to see the full size version..

It was fairly simple to assemble and there are a ton of bitz that could be used to build some of the other fun things in the army but not everything.. I'm very clearly going to have to get inventive if I want to field some of this stuff.. and I do want to..

It's likely going to be over a month before AB is updated with the latest Skaven codex so in the mean time I'm going to have to use a spreadsheet to create something..

Give me a week or two and I might actually have a playable army.. The real issue at this point is I have to completely repurpose ALL of my old models with the exception of my old style stormvermin and that's going to take time..

On the upside, my slave problem has been completely solved.

Review: Cadian Blood

One thing I tend to forget when considering the Imerial Guard is that when we think of the countless billions that die everyday in the wars of the Imerium; regiments tossed into the meat grinder to take a nameless hill, the barely trained conscript given a lasgun from the fellow in front of him that just took a bolt round to the face, these are the "normal" Guardsmen of the Imerium, and for some reason, I always lumped the Cadians in there with these poor schlocks.

For some reason I had assumed that the Cadians were the lowest common denominator. I mean it isn't like they were Catachans, those guys grew up on a jungle death world! The trap a fell into is that although Cadia isn't technically a death world, the Cadians treat it as if it is.

IG list - No DH, SoB, or SCs..


Company Commander - Bolter/PW
4 x Sniper Rifles (BS4)
(Will sit with Heavy Weapon squads and give orders)

Platoon Commander - Bolter/PW
4 x Plasmaguns
40 man infantry squad with 4 Missile Launchers and 4 Grenade Launchers and Commissar to make them Stubborn
3 x Heavy bolters
6 x Autocannons
3 x Lascannons
(This is the gun line)

Troops 2:
Platoon Commander - Plasma Pistol/PW
Heavy flamer/Flamer/2 Laspistol/CCW
Chimera - HB/Heavy flamer
30 man infantry squad with 3 grenade launchers

Troops 3:
10 man Veteran squad - shotguns and 3 meltas

Troops 4:
10 man Veteran squad - lasguns and 3 grenade launchers

Troops 5:
10 man Veteran squad - lasguns and 3 Plasmaguns

Troops 6:
10 man veteran squad - shotguns, 1 heavy flamer, and 2 meltas

Fast attack:
Vendetta (carrying Troop 6)

Fast attack 2:
5 Rough Riders
(counter assault)

Fast attack 3:


144 models

Inspiration for my Guard

Took the boys to Camp Mabry today to watch a WW2 re-enactment.

Wolf Hoard!

Inspired by Jwolf's post...

HQ 110
Wolf Guard Battle Leader: Saga of the Hunter, Wolf Fang Necklace, Wolf Claw x 2

Elite 235
Wolf Guard Pack x 10: Power Fist, Rhino

Elite 235
Wolf Guard Pack x 10: Power Fist, Rhino

Elite 195
Wolf Scout Pack x 10: Meltagun

Troops 210
Grey Hunter Pack x 10: Flamer, Meltagun, Power Fist, Rhino

Troops 210
Grey Hunter Pack x 10: Flamer, Meltagun, Power Fist, Rhino

Troops 210
Grey Hunter Pack x 10: Flamer, Meltagun, Power Fist, Rhino

Troops 210
Grey Hunter Pack x 10: Flamer, Meltagun, Power Fist, Rhino

Heavy Support 140
Long Fang Pack x 6: Missile Launcher x 5

Heavy Support 140
Long Fang Pack x 6: Missile Launcher x 5

Heavy Support 140
Long Fang Pack x 6: Missile Launcher x 5

Model Count 95

Total Points 2000

This is totally a mess around list.

In this one, I'd attach the Battle Leader and stick him with the Scouts. WS5, A3 (5 hit on 3+ reroll to wound PW attacks on the charge), W2 with 10 ablative wounds coming in the backfield is gunna scare the poop outta someone.

Plus seeing 40 dudes with 3 attacks on the charge, and 20 more dudes with 4 attacks on the charge is gunna make someone wet themselves.

Oh yeah, and 15 missile launchers that can split fire every turn.

I don't think I'd play this one for anything other than a laugh.

What do you think?

Wolf Pack

So this is what I am thinking for my new Wolves:

HQ 100
Wolf Priest

Elite 180
Wolf Guard Pack x5: 2x Terminator Armor, 3x Boltgun, 3x Power fist

Elite 85
Wolf Scout Pack x5: Melta Gun

Elite 220
Venerable Dreadnaught: Twin-Linked Lascannon, Missile Launcher, Extra Armor

Troops 200
Grey Hunters Pack x9: Melta Gun, Power Fist, Rhino

Troops 200
Grey Hunters Pack x9: Melta Gun, Power Fist, Rhino

Troops 200
Grey Hunters Pack x9: Melta Gun, Power Fist, Rhino

Troops 250
Blood Claws Pack x15: Power Fist

Heavy Support 145
Long Fang Pack x5: Lascannon x2, Missile Launcher x2

Heavy Support 145
Long Fang Pack x5: Lascannon x2, Missile Launcher x2

Heavy Support 275
Land Raider Crusader: Multi-Melta, Extra Armor

67 Models including vehicles.

So the Wolf Priest goes with the Blood Claws in the LRC. The two termie WG go with the Long Fangs for some extra wounds, and for some counter assault ability if someone gets in my back-field.

I think the rest is pretty self explanitory.

I think I might switch up the Dread, and make him a CC dread, with a MM and a DCCW in a drop pod, and then I can drop him in the middle of my opponents deployment zone to maybe give the LRC and the Rhinos a turn or two to move across the board.

I think its about the least abusive Space Wolf list you will ever see. I plan to try out pretty much everything in the book, but I think this is a pretty solid list.

So, what do you think?

Imperial Guard

I know we are switching to WHFB for awhile, but I wanted to throw some stuff out there about the Guard. I am going to try once again to come up with a better list.


I still like my Veteran Mech list, but am thinking of tweeking it some.

Instead of a Commissar Lord and Ogrynns, I take a regular Commander (Plasma Pistol/Power Weapon) 3 Plasmaguns Vets and a Medic (FNP) in a Chimera.

Instead of 4 Veteran units, I take 6 Veteran units (4 in Chimeras, 1 in a Valk and 1 in a Vend) 4 will be Shotgun/Melta, 1 will be Lasgun/Grenade launcher, and the last will be Lasgun/Plasmagun.

EDIT - I'v been reading the forums and am thinking of adding a SoB squad with either flamers or meltas and replacing one of the Vet units in the Valk/Vend

Valk, Vend, and a squadron of two Hellhounds (I have one of new kits to make one of the new variants)

2 LRBTs (barebones)

Infantry swarm:

Creed (24" leadership bubble and 4 orders, plus I can infiltrate a unit - either a tank or a mass of infantry) Medic (FNP) Heavyflamer (for defense), 2 bodyguards (to keep him alive) in a Chimera. Creed is there to stay behind the line and issue orders.


Infantry platoon - Command will be in a Chimera with 4 plasmaguns.
4 Infantry squads with grenade launchers and missile launchers
3 Heavy weapon squads with 3 HBs, 3 ACs, and 3 LCs

Infantry platoon - Command will be in Chimera with Heavy flamer/2 meltas
3 Infantry squads with grenade launchers
(could use Creed to outflank this squad)

Melta veteran squad in a Chimera

Plasmagun veteran squad in a Chimera

Don't have my list with me at work, but I'd finish out this list with a tank or two, plus a commissar or two to make the infantry squads stubborn. I think the list has around 138 models in it.

Assassin vs Assassin

DE Assassin

m5 ws9 bs9 s4 t3 w2 i10 a3 ld10 base cost 90 (96 with extra hand weapon for +1a)
75 points of magic stuff, ASF, Hidden, Hatred, Poisoned Attacks and Scouts
May be taken as a unit upgrade..

Skaven assassin

m6 ws6 bs5 s4 t4 w2 i8 a3/4 ld8 base cost 105 (Cost going up with new codex)
50 points of magic stuff, ASF, Hidden, Poisoned Attacks, Scouts, Outflanking, and 4+ dodge save
Hero choice

The DE assassin is cheaper, better stats with the exception of toughness and you can have a lot more of them.. Plus some of the Khaines gifts are really nice..

The Skaven assassin has a 4 toughness, 4+ dodge save, and can get 50 points of real gear instead of the khaines gifts.. Which I think is honestly what makes them slightly (ever so slightly) better..

The DE would go first and likely do well.. but the Skaven assassin is more resilient in that he has a higher toughness, has an intrinsic save, and can take items to give him a ward save.. (25pts for a 4+ ward save for example) with points left over for some more Skaven nasty..

I still think the Skaven assassin would beat a DE assassin in a one on one fight.. Though maybe not.. I dunno..

What sucked previously about Skaven assassins was that they were heroes.. And that still sucks, especially considering the wealth of other rocken heroic stuff we could take..


I have a Slann!

Well, not really, but the Lizards are ready when you guys are....

Beard, check. Cheese? Perhaps.

So I slapped some paint on my MM Long Fangs tonight. Only 3 of them 'cause one of them is still Bone and Green, and hasn't been dipped yet. So in stead of showing a picture of 3 dudes, that have just had some blue-grey slapped on them, I figured I'd talk about the new Space Pup special character that every has been talking about. Njal Stormcaller.

Njal's stat line is:

Did Someone Call for Fire Support?

Finally started my Long Fangs. These guys have been sitting in a foam try for almost 2 years because in the old codex they were almost unusable. They have become a shit-ton cheaper in the new codex. I'm not totally sure if they're worth it, but I figured I'd throw some paint on them.

Again, I've just done the bases, and put the first coat of blue/grey
on them. I think I'll be doing them all in steps.

So there ya go. Two squads of Long Fangs, missile launcher and heavy bolter, have the blue on it. Oh, but did I mention that I have more?

Thats right, I have enough for one squad of teach type of heavy weapons. 4 ML, 4 HB, 4 MM (one is currently painted bone and white, and has an appointment with a tube of simple green), 4 PC, and 4 LC. Seeing as I can take 4 HB and a Pack Leader for like 100 points, I think its fair to say I'll be giving these guys a whirl. I still don't know if they are worth it with no ablative wounds. I know someone will say "stick em in cover and let them go" but you don't always know they are going to have decent cover with good LoS to stick em in. Dunno, but I am looking forward to putting some weird lists together to try things out.

Back to Work!

So I started some new minis. My Ven Dread, my Wolf Priest, and Njarl Stormcaller. I think this guy just about out nutties the nuttiest mini you've ever heard of!

As you can see, not much more than the bases done on these three. I need another tournament so I can get myself fired up to paint.

Ultramarines Part 3

Here are the requested pics of the Dreads for Pidge. I also got to thinking about my Redeemer and how I wasn't impressed by the solid blue paint job. Pidge's comment about liking the Black/Blue LR got me thinking about it, then I saw a master-class painted Crusader on the GW website, so i combined the two. If ya think it looks too cheesey, I'll remove the white panels and leave the bottom half black.

Ultramrines nearing completion...

I have 4 models on order; 2 Tyrannic War Veterans for my final 2 Tac Sgts and 2 Veteran models with BP/Chainswords to finish out my Command Squad. I need to start basing...

Thoughts on Space Wolves

So I wen't into BFG and waded through all the dirty WFB players (JWolf and Goatboy included) and got my dirty mits on the Space Wolf book.

Well the first half of the book is fluff (which is probably 50% of why I want it, and why I am trying to get my hands on the 2nd ed SW codex) which looks fantastic. A bit about how SWs are initiated differently from "vanilla" marines.

Some new a interesting artwork, and then we get into the good stuff.

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