Three! Three Counters Ah Ah AH!

I'm not dead yet!

You'll be stone dead in a moment!

Nothing Pithy for this one. I wanted to paint up a Marine that wasn't a Space Pup or a Smurf. Tamara picked the Sons of Medusa.

Bowling Shirts

OK I've totally dropped the ball on this. I have spent the afternoon looking online, and I think the cheapest shirts I've found is here.

Personally I like the Alley Cat shirt. It comes in four
colors; Khaki/Jade, Khaki/Navy, Black Silver, and Red/Black. I am partial to the Khaki/Jade.

The shirt starts out at $26.95. You can get the shirt embroidered for $6 for the first ten letters, and an extra buck for every additional ten letters.

We could get the team name on the back, but thats an extra $15.

One of the other little things I think is neat is the embellishments you can get put on the shirt. Personally I think we should get the skull and crossbones on the right collar.

Anywho, it says we should expect 7-10 days for embroidery, so we'll need to make some decisions soon. Let me know what you think. Do you like the style, colors etc etc etc. If you have a suggestion, lets hear it!


Well SOMEONE has bitched about the fact that there are no pockets on the above shirts. I looked around a bit more and found these. I am partial to the camel/black one. And they have one pocket. So what do you think?

Urban Terrain opinion

So, I put the two small terrain sets together last night and made a huge 18'x24' terrain piece that I think looks fricken awsome, but I wondered if it's maybe too big. I placd my sandbag sets around it and it makes an awesome central objective to try and maintain and control. What do you guys think?


I know my Photo-Fu sucks, but here we go.

Venerable Dreadnought Ilric Darkfang.

Blood Claw Pack under Rune Priest Karl Stormdancer.
Blood Claw Pack under Wolf Guard Battle Leader Njord Moonwulf.
Grey Hunter Pack under Wolf Guard Magni.
Grey Hunter Pack under Wolf Guard Pyrun.
Wolf Scout Pack Signy.
Land Raider Crusader Kari.
Land Raider Dagur.
Task Force Darkfang.

Send in the Tau...

Since John hasn't responded to my last few IMs about how he wants these..I'm posting what I've done so far anyway. So here's the squad post-priming:

And here's the first two "finished". It's really a quick and dirty paintscheme, but I think they look pretty decent. I have no idea how to base them because I'm still waiting to hear from John on that.


Urban Board - Revised

Okay, so I've re-thought my Urban terrain board. There will be one dedicated raised Terrain piece, but I'm making two other smaller sections that can be put in the corners. When I get the Skyshield Landing Pad, that will be built on a elevated area as well. As you can see, the Pegasus Hobbies buildings are excellent. Right now they are built in thier standard layout, which is one medium sized one story building and one two story tower. I am thinking of combing them into one big piece with a "bell tower". I almost bought the Shrine of Aquilla piece, but the problem I have with it is that it's just one corner of a building...that's it. I know you can kit bash it with a bastion to make a bigger terrain piece, but I'm not sure if I'm going to do that. I would like some suggestions. Nothing is glued yet, as the piece kinda just snap loosely together.

Battle Report

So Tamara and I went to BFG to play today. This is the trunk of my car all set up. As you can see all my books are in my bad-ass carrying bag!

I was planning on taking photos round by round to post a play by play of the fight, but Tamara and I got into getting the fight done in under 2 hours so I forgot until the friggin game was over. Game lasted 75 minutes. At the bottom of turn 3, Tamara lost so many troops that she would phase out.
In the bottom of turn 3, I made my first two assaults. I assaulted a squad of 15 Necron warriors with a Lord with Rez orb. They started out with 16, but one guy laid down in the shooting phase. During the fight I killed 11 necros, and she killed 2 of my dudes. She did not make an insane heroics roll, and I ran the rest of the unit down.

The second assault was 6 scouts assaulting a 11 warriors. I assaulted to pull them off an objective and to tie them up in CC until my dread (who spent most of the fight shaken) could get into CC. They assaulted, killed 1 dude, Tamara fought back, didn't make a single wound. She did her leadership test, and rolled 11. Then the scouts rand down the squad.
At that point at time, Tamara had 8 Flayed ones left, and her Phase out was 11.

This image has nothing to do with my post...

So tonight the Farsight Enclave suffered a massive defeat against the forces of the Biel-Tan Swordwind. The brave Eldar stemmed the tide of imperial aggression of the destructive T'au Empire. Moments before the battle actually began, the Eldar Farseer in command of the war host commented on how lucky the opening stages of the battle had been for them when the T'au railguns were so effectively neutralized allowing the mechanized Eldar force to sweep across the battlefield unopposed.

Shas'O Vior'la Shovah Kais Mont'yr rapidly redeployed his forces, leaving the battlefield to the Eldar. O'Shovah's proximity to an Imperial shrine resulted in a rapid response force from the nearby Sororitas chapter of Our Lady of the Sacred Martyred Heart under the command of Cannoness Mary Agnes.

The fervor of the Holy Sisters as they engaged the T'au with blessed bolter, flamer, and melta was too much for the already shell-shocked Farsight, and they were forced to withdraw after sustaining heavy casualties.

(Yes, Karen finally won a game)

67th Division nearing completion

The List is turned in and except for some basing and a few decals, my army is finished.

ICs done!

My last GH squad is about an hour away from being complete. I just have to paint, and attach their CC weapons. Then I have the 2 Termies, and the squad of scouts.

Here is my Rune priest.

One last pictures of the whole gang (minus the Rune Priest for some reason).

Latest project revealed...

So here it is...the project I've been working on. Note that the models are actually just slotted onto the bases and the basing isn't finished. And at least two of the models aren't actually finished either. But I'd like to get your thoughts on this monstrosity anyway.

Oh and yeah it's sorta my entry for a 40k Unit in the painting competition.

1 Crazy Mother F'er Down...

And one to go. I now have 3 squads down, and the Wolver-wannabe done. I need to finish 1 squad GHers, my Rune Priest, and my Scouts.

oh my!

I always suspected...

Sgt Harker

Oh Yeah..... That's what I'm talking about.....

1 down...

My first unit is finished. My squad of 15 blood claws are 100 percent done. I should be able to finish up the 10-man squad of BCs tomorrow, and hopefully one of my Grey Hunter squads as well.

Pics tomorrow.

I think this is what I will be taking.

2000 Pts - Space Wolves Roster - Taskforce Darkfang

Venerable Dreadnought Ilric Darkfang (1#, 193 Pts)
1 Venerable Dreadnought @ 193 Pts
Extra Armor; Smoke Launchers; Twin Linked Lascannon; Missile Launcher

Rune Priest Karl Stormdancer (1#, 102 Pts)
1 Rune Priest @ 102 Pts
True Grit; Frag Grenades; Bolt Pistol (x1); Rune Staff (x1)
1 Chooser of the Slain @ [10] Pts

Wolf Guard Battle Leader Njord Moonwulf (1#, 94 Pts)
1 Wolf Guard Battle Leader @ 94 Pts
True Grit; Wolf Pelt; Frag Grenades; Lightning Claw (x2)
1 Wolf Pelt @ [3] Pts

Wolf Scout Pack Signy (6#, 118 Pts)
6 Wolf Scouts @ 118 Pts
Bolt Pistol (x5); Close Combat Weapon (x5); Melta Bombs; Meltagun

Blood Claws Pack Jarl (15#, 246 Pts)
15 Blood Claws Pack @ 246 Pts
Bolt Pistol (x15); Close Combat Weapon (x12); Frag Grenades; Power Fist (x3)

Blood Claws Pack Lodbrok (10#, 164 Pts)
10 Blood Claws Pack @ 164 Pts
Bolt Pistol (x10); Close Combat Weapon (x8); Frag Grenades; Power Fist (x2)

Grey Hunter Pack Pyrun (11#, 276 Pts)
10 Grey Hunter Pack @ 276 Pts
Close Combat Weapon (x8); True Grit; Bolter (x9); Power Fist (x2); Flamer; Wolf Guard Leader
1 Wolf Guard Pyrun @ [61] Pts
True Grit; Runic Charm; Wolf Pelt; Power Fist (x1); Storm Bolter
1 Runic Charm @ [5] Pts
1 Terminator Armor @ [5] Pts
1 Wolf Pelt @ [3] Pts

Grey Hunter Pack Magni (11#, 276 Pts)
10 Grey Hunter Pack @ 276 Pts
Close Combat Weapon (x8); True Grit; Bolter (x9); Power Fist (x2); Flamer; Wolf Guard Leader
1 Wolf Guard Magni @ [61] Pts
True Grit; Runic Charm; Wolf Pelt; Power Fist (x1); Storm Bolter; 1 Elite Elite
1 Runic Charm @ [5] Pts
1 Terminator Armor @ [5] Pts
1 Wolf Pelt @ [3] Pts

Land Raider Crusader Kari (1#, 265 Pts)
1 Land Raider Crusader @ 265 Pts
Frag Assault Launchers; Power of the Machine Spirit; Searchlight; Smoke Launchers; Twin Linked Assault Cannon; Hurricane Bolter (x2); Extra Armor
1 Frag Assault Launchers @ [0] Pts

Land Raider Dagur (1#, 265 Pts)
1 Land Raider @ 265 Pts
Power of the Machine Spirit; Searchlight; Smoke Launchers; Twin Linked Heavy Bolter; Twin Linked Lascannon (x2); Extra Armor

Total Roster Cost: 1999

Chooser of the Slain: May prevent enemy units from using infiltrate. Also counts as additional CCW.
Runic Charm: Model may re-roll one failed armor save per battle.
Wolf Pelt: Model gains +1 Attack when it Counter-Attacks.

Created with Army Builder
Copyright (c) 1997-2006 Lone Wolf Development, Inc. All rights reserved.

Comments welcome

For John

If you need.

Space Pups News

Paraphrasing from BoLS:

Looks like the LR Exterminator is out. This makes me sad. I have only used my LR:E once, but I really liked the fluffyness of it. Oh well, Tom, if you have need for two LR:E, let me know, or maybe Calvin would like them for his new Guard army :) Looks like we may be getting a new Land Raider?! Yay! Another one of those bastards to buy and put together! Rumors of Assault Cannon Sponsons.

Looks like everyone but Blood Claws will still have True Grit. It appears Grey Hunters will NOT be equipped like regular Tac Marines (with Bolter, BP, and Chainsword), but it looks like everyone that has a Bolter (not a Plasma Rifle) will be able to rapid fire and then charge?!

BoLSCon Painting Competition

So I was pondering entering some models in the painting competition. The thing is I really don't know if what I want to do qualifies. I was thinking of creating an elaborate scenic base and entering my Inquisitorial acolytes from our Dark Heresy game as a "unit". I have been considering even painting up an Inquisitor to lead them. Obviously I'd need to rebase the entire unit and mount them on something scenic. But I wanted to include the the Sanctioned Psycher, Arbitrator, Assassin, Guardsman stormtrooper, Ordo Militant Sororitas, Sister Hospitaller, and Techpriest Magos. I had thought about including the guy with the psycannon as an interrogator explitor, but I'm not sure about the model (I would still need to drill out the psycannon barrel for sure but even so). And as Jason and I discussed one weak model will damage the whole entry. Anyway do you guys think this would even qualify as a "unit"? Would the addition of an Inquisitor help? Any ideas for a scenic base? Thoughts?

It's Not Easy Being Home All Summer.

I mean someone has got to keep an eye on the dogs so they don't get into anything.

So on to the Space Pup update. My Land Raiders are both 99.9% done. My Grey Hunters are 99.9% done. The Wolf Guard Squad leaders are about 90% done. My two squads of Blood Claws are both about 80% done, and my two IC's are about 80% done. My Dread is about 90% done, and my scouts are about 60% done. My Chooser of the Slain (the falcon Calvin gave me) is 0% done, and my objectives are about 10% done.

I would be posting pics, but my camera sucks at taking up close pics. I have been using the macro function, I have built myself a light box, but I still can't get anything in focus. Anywho, things are coming along well.

So theres my update. Calvin said he is completely done (besides minor tweeking of his list), and I believe Tom is done as well, how about the other two members of the Team? Any updates?

Not to point out the obvious, but...

Fireworks time!

Happy Fourth Guys..

Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl! Okay so I went ahead and purchased blood bowl. It's not terrible.. but it is frustrating..

I'm pretty sure each of us would play our respective races if we were all to play, as such I went ahead and picked Skaven.. (Yay rats!) And because I figured I'd enjoy it more, I decided to play the game in blitz turn based mode instead of in real time..

Holy crap its hard. I have played 6 turn based games at this point ( they are long ) and have tied 2 and lost the rest.. I thought I was going to get two other ties, but they ended up with the win after all.. I never ever came close to winning.. Not even remotely..

Each time I played it was either Humans or Dwarfs and let me tell ya.. they are harsh.. The Dwarfs were kicken my ass no matter what..

For grins, I played one final game vs Dwarfs in real time.. I murdered them.. I had 7 touch downs at the half. I'm not sure why the game plays so completely differently turn based vs real time.. It's pretty clear the AI wasn't written by the same guy or that something is wrong.. I don't know if "turn based easy" is broken or if "real time easy" is broken.. ones too hard, the others too easy..

Either way I'll probably keep playing turn based for a while until I'm just fed up with it.. If one of you guys wants to play we can probably start a league..

Proof of Life

As you can see, your loved ones are safe and well. I assure you that if you would like them to continue in this state, that you do everything that we request.

So no painting for me today. Today Tamara and I played another Necron/Space Pups game. I thought I was screwed on the first turn when I did 10 wounds, and Tamara saved 9 of them, then passed the "We'll be back" roll for the last one, then proceeded to drip a particle whip pie plate on my Grey Hunters and splat 4 of them. I finally got into close combat on turn three, and then things went down hill for her. She phased out at the bottom of 6. After that we went over to a friends house and spent the afternoon in the pool in the rain, quite nice!

Yesterday I a bunch of the gribbly bits on my Land Raiders. They aren't done yet, but I got a lot of little details done. I also put the first coat on all my heads. Plus I epoxied some magnets on a bunch of my guys, the super glue wasn't holding well. I have a bunch more to put on tomorrow.

As for Calvin's "loved ones," I can drop them off at Tom's tomorrow if you guys are planning to play this weekend, or I can just keep a hold of them until the next time we play.

Lastly, Tamara is looking for a non-Space pup fight in the near future. Do you think Karen would be willing to play one of these days? She is looking to play someone that does not have as much experience.

Dont like the blue.

That is all.

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