Ultramarines Part 3

Here are the requested pics of the Dreads for Pidge. I also got to thinking about my Redeemer and how I wasn't impressed by the solid blue paint job. Pidge's comment about liking the Black/Blue LR got me thinking about it, then I saw a master-class painted Crusader on the GW website, so i combined the two. If ya think it looks too cheesey, I'll remove the white panels and leave the bottom half black.

Ultramrines nearing completion...

I have 4 models on order; 2 Tyrannic War Veterans for my final 2 Tac Sgts and 2 Veteran models with BP/Chainswords to finish out my Command Squad. I need to start basing...

Thoughts on Space Wolves

So I wen't into BFG and waded through all the dirty WFB players (JWolf and Goatboy included) and got my dirty mits on the Space Wolf book.

Well the first half of the book is fluff (which is probably 50% of why I want it, and why I am trying to get my hands on the 2nd ed SW codex) which looks fantastic. A bit about how SWs are initiated differently from "vanilla" marines.

Some new a interesting artwork, and then we get into the good stuff.

We may need to change up the graphics

With everyone shuffling armies, we may need to change up Oxymoron graphics.
Calvin is doing the sisters, so I supose he should have...
John is going to Black Templars
or IG
And Tom is back to Ultramarines.
And Jason... oh I guess Jason is still busy playing WoW.
And for my blue, non-space pup marines.
OK. Need to whip up a graphic with all that in it.

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