Behold the Throng of Barak Varr (at least a bit of it)

To show Tom how much I liked his gifts, I have already painted them. I really enjoyed the Lord (probably because there was no flesh)

You guys know me, I like to have fluff, so my Dwarfs are from Barak Varr, the only Dwarf
seaport. With that in mind, the color blue will be the color that ties the army together. Each type of unit will have a different accent color. In this case, engineers/warmachine crew, will be in brown, Warriors will be in different shades of red.

So here is what Tom gave me, the Organ gun, and the Dwarf Lord with great weapon.

Next up, the Dwarf Lord, Ilric Knucklecrusher.

Then the Organ Gun.

Now for the Crew. First, Crew-chief Jimmy Orksquisher.

Then, Bill Spannertosser.

Lastly, Bob Kegdenter.

Ultramarines list

Terminator Librarian
Epistolary - (GoI and Null Zone)

Terminator Chaplin


5 man Terminator Squad w/Assault Cannon
(Librarian here)

5 man Terminator Assault Squad w/ TH/SS
(Chappie here - re-rolling TH hits seems nice.....)
Landraider Redeemer w/ Multimelta


10 man Tactical squad w/ Melta/Multimelta - Sgt w/PF and combi-flamer
Rhino EA

10 man Tactical squad w/ Melta/Multimelta - Sgt w/PF and combi-flamer
Rhino EA

10 man Tactical squad w/ Flamer/Plasma-cannon - Sgt w/PF

10 man Tactical squad w/ Flamer/Plasma-cannon - Sgt w/PF


Predator - AC and HBs


Before I start any other army, I want play around with the Ultramarines and get some wins under my belt. I'm trying to gear all my lists and tactics around the old "Hammer and Anvil" technique. In this list I have a very shooty force backed up by two very CC killy units. The Redeemer will head into the thick of it while Librarian and his squad will gate around the board where I need them.

EDIT: Okay, it's been edited. Since Pidge didn't like the first list and thinks I had too many meltas. The Devs were removed and I gave all my Sgts PFs. I also plan on keeping the Librarian near the Chappie so his Null Zone helps protect him..

Mercenaries = SWs or CSMs

Like the title says, I want to make a army of Space Marine mercenaries, which I will name the Black Company. Black armor with Gunbolt Metal accents. The army will be themed after the Black Company books. They were some of my favorites growing up. The Black Company were a group of medieval/fantasy based mercenaries lead by powerful sorcerers.

The idea is to use a mixture of CSM, SW, and SM models to represent them, like the Iron Hand marines and the Legion of the Damned models. I was thinking of using the Death Watch Kill team models I have with their fancy shoulder pads to represent either Chosen CSM or SW Wolf Guard, that way I can use those great looking models that John gave me and actually use them without having to modify them..much..

I have both of the codexes and just can't decide which to base them from.

Any thoughts?

Review: Titanicus

So Dan Abnett's Titanicus now that it has come out in soft back.

So believe it or not, this book deals with a Titan war. A forge world in the Sabbott Worlds area (The same region of the Imperium that Gaunt's Ghosts takes place) has been attack by a chaos Titan legion. The Titians of Legio Invictus are rerouted against orders to defend the forge world.

I am an admitted Abnett fan boy (I think he is the best Black Library author bar none!), but I was not very happy with this book. I think that Abnett was reaching to far when he wrote this book. There are literally twelve plot lines going on in the book. And there are a few of those plot lines that have absolutely nothing to do with the overall story line.

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