My Voidraven Bomber

Batman would be proud.

67 Division still getting there

More pics of my ever-evolving army. It's all been re-based and more touch ups added..

First Look-Converted Cauldron of Blood in Progress

Ok it's been awhile since I've posted anything here, mostly because I haven't been doing much painting.  The release of IoB with all those wonderful HE models has reinvigorated my desire to paint, but I refuse to start those until I finish some of the projects I was already working on.   That being said, here's one that I've been working on.  It's got a long way to go, but so far I like it.

Quick Wolf Update

Been a busy couple of days. I finished off my special weapons guys, and all of my Wolf Guard. Here's a picture. Next up for me is the Long Fang pack leaders.

WHFB 8th FAQ Checker from North West Warriors!

It may boggle the mind to find out that GW is actually putting out FAQs in a timely manner (but really, how long can we expect it to continue?) but they have already updated all of the army books and the main rule book within a very short span of time. Plus many of the army books have already had their new 8th ed. FAQs updated since the initial release.

Some inventive gentleman in England has created a script that scans the GW site for new FAQs and sends out an email to anyone that subscribes to his email list.

Jump on over to the North West Warriors forums to check it out!

Wolf Updates!

So with War Games Con over, I can get back to work on my Wolves. My Special weapons guys are pretty much done, they just need the wolf pelts on their shoulder pads and some need back packs.

War Games Con Weekend Wrap Up

So I took part in War Games Con's first working sessions and I had such a blast I don't even know where to begin!

I didn't play in the "couples" tournament because a) I'm a pussy and b) once I heard that Dave Taylor was doing a number of workshops I had a nerdgasm!

I walked around the hall quite a few times and it was very busy. There was the 40k and WHFB couples tournament a well as Flames of War and Warmachine Tournaments on the first day and then the WHFB and 40k singles tournaments on Saturday and Sunday along with three narrative Appoc battles.

War Games Con 2010 Rules Quiz

So here is the 40K rules quiz they gave out this year at War Games Con, enjoy!

1) How many models must a 12-man unit of Chaos Space marines lose in one shooting phase in order to be required to take a morale test?

2) How close can a unit Scout towards an enemy unit?

3) Frag Grenades have what strength against vehicles?

War Games Con Day 2 Photos!

Four albums and 252 pictures from Day 2!



Narrative Campaign

Painting Competition 

War Games Con Day 1 Photos

99 photos from today here and here, plus the best team write up, right there



I'm ready for a fun-tastic fun-filled fun-venture with Dave Taylor today. I plan on getting down there early so I can take pictures before the "couples" tournament starts.

Pictures this evening.

Special Wolves

So in the last week, I worked on a number of my space wolves. I moved heads around, and I worked on the paint job of the minis that I told to BoLScon last year. I worked on about 12 Grey Hunters and 10 Blood Claws. I took their painting quality from table top-quality to, in my opinion... < drum-roll >... good table-top quality!

So I have more of my GHs and BCs to get to this new quality (all the ones that already had bare-heads at BoLScon last year), but I've decided to work on my special weapons. I am pretty much building every combination of special weapons I think I could use, so that means 6 meltaguns, 2 flamers, and 2 plasmaguns. I really can't see me using more than this at one time.

About half of these guys already had some work done on them, and only one or two I started from scratch. All of my special weapons squads will have the wolf pelts on their right shoulders, and at the moment, only 3 of them have finished pelts, five of the remaining haven't even been started yet.

I've got the heads, base coats and bases down for everyone. My next step is to do highlights and washes. I have ordered some bits for my four wulfen, and when I get those in I will do some green stuff up for the wolf pelts and fur for the back of the clawed hands.

Oh, and btw, I hate painting yellow...

Review: Heart of Rage

So I got my hands on another of Black Library's audio books. This time it is Heart of Rage by James Swallow.

The book details a Blood Angels squad entering a dead Tyranid hive ship in order to find an Adeptus Mechanicus team that had previously been sent in to the ship.

This book is read by Toby Longworth he reads all of the BL audio books and he does an excellent job. I was a little critical of some of his voices in Thunder from Fenris (because one of them sounded like a certain California Governor) but I really have no complaints in this one. He voices about 10 different people throughout the book and manages to make each of them pretty distinct.

Mathhammer: Wolf Guard with Mark of the Wulfen?

So I am planning on running a Space Wolf Scout Pack in my army. I love the fact that you can really trick out the scouts (although they can be a huge points sink). The thought of 10 dudes coming in from the back field with a melta, 2 power weapons and a MoW dude can be quite scary if your opponent leaves someone in the back field. Now what I am considering doing is attaching a Wolf Guard squad leader to come in with them, but I'm not sure what I want to outfit him with. I was thinking of Mark of the Wulfen because the only thing that really seems better than one crazy mother F'er is two! But I got to wondering if there were better options, that lead me to break out the old probability hammer and figure it out.

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