A-Head of the Game

So due to my spray issues, I haven't continued with my "next project." I going to have to break down and buy some GW spray on payday, the Armory isn't cutting it even in the house with low heat and humidity.

Anywho, what I am currently working on is updating my Space Wolves. Way back at x-mas, the wife bought me the Space Wolf Battle Force and I really haven't worked on it much other than to turn the scouts into Black Templar neophytes.

I did put most of the 20 dudes together way back when, but then I got caught up in another project.

So what I've done recently is to pop all the heads off of my Space Wolves that are wearing helmets and replace them with one of the 100-odd heads that came in the Battle Force. I then primed them Chaos Black with a brush and then painted up the heads. Here are the Grey Hunters.

Here are the Blood Claws, although in a pinch, they can be used for Grey Hunters as well, seeing as GHers have a Bolter, Bolt Pistol and CCW.

Next are my melta gunners. I am planning on doing up six, as I don't believe I'll ever use more than six in a game. If you'll notice, from the left, dude #3 and dude #5 have what will become wolf pelts on their right shoulder, this will be a standard issue for all of my special weapons guys. I am still considering if I'll do it for the Long Fangs or not, but I will be pelting up the rest of these guys. Also, as you can see, gunner #6 is looking a little skinny, I'll have to find him a body.

Last but not least, I decided that I didn't want to waste all of those cool "wolfy" helmets that come on the standard Wolf Pack Sprue, so my Long Fangs will all be wearing Helmets, so I've had to cut some heads off the Packs and swap them out, but here is my first Missile Squad, again the last guy is a little lacking. I think I'll have to buy about 6 more missile launchers, because at 2000 points, I'll probably run two squads with 8-10 missile launchers.

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