Special Wolves

So in the last week, I worked on a number of my space wolves. I moved heads around, and I worked on the paint job of the minis that I told to BoLScon last year. I worked on about 12 Grey Hunters and 10 Blood Claws. I took their painting quality from table top-quality to, in my opinion... < drum-roll >... good table-top quality!

So I have more of my GHs and BCs to get to this new quality (all the ones that already had bare-heads at BoLScon last year), but I've decided to work on my special weapons. I am pretty much building every combination of special weapons I think I could use, so that means 6 meltaguns, 2 flamers, and 2 plasmaguns. I really can't see me using more than this at one time.

About half of these guys already had some work done on them, and only one or two I started from scratch. All of my special weapons squads will have the wolf pelts on their right shoulders, and at the moment, only 3 of them have finished pelts, five of the remaining haven't even been started yet.

I've got the heads, base coats and bases down for everyone. My next step is to do highlights and washes. I have ordered some bits for my four wulfen, and when I get those in I will do some green stuff up for the wolf pelts and fur for the back of the clawed hands.

Oh, and btw, I hate painting yellow...

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