Wolf Updates!

So with War Games Con over, I can get back to work on my Wolves. My Special weapons guys are pretty much done, they just need the wolf pelts on their shoulder pads and some need back packs.

Next thing is my combi meltas for my Wolf Guard. I have ripped the bolt pistols off of my existing Wolf Guard and the arm off of one dude. I did a really quick conversion to make the combi meltas. I think they look pretty good!

1 Response to "Wolf Updates!"

  1. Spyrle says:

    They look pretty good. I went with a bit less of the combi part of the weapon when I made mine. I guess with one shot I felt they didn't need all of the gun parts. Yours will probably be easier to see what they are though. Keep up the good work. Those wolf pelt shoulder pads look great!

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