Dual bases for Daemons of Chaos

So, I didn't realize until I had already decided to give it a go with Daemons of Chaos, that they were the exact same models for Fantasy as for 40k.. That's pretty cool (and extremely surprising considering GW isn't known for letting you do that.. )

Really the only issue is that fantasy uses square bases, and 40k uses round bases. That issue can be complicated further by the fact that 40k bases are one inch in diameter, and fantasy bases are typically 20mm or 25mm square.. So, if you want to use the same models in both games (as opposed to buying the same models twice.. ) then you have to get clever about your bases..
I solved it this way;

So I had this brilliant idea. Talk about it on the blog...

More reliable rumours

[*]Army construction is moving back to percentages.
[*]Strength in Depth/ Stepping up (models may fight in 2 ranks)
[*]Crush attack for larger creatures
[*]40mm models moving to 3 model-wide ranks.
[*]Multiple objective driven scenarios in the rulebook
[*]All non-english rulebooks are moving to inches.
[*]Power dice aren’t generated by the number of spellcasters. The pool is decided by 2D6. Magic users add their magic level to the score rolled. All Wizards have a chance to generate more power dice.
[*]All missile units fire in two ranks (not just High Elves). Missile units will not gain a rank when shooting from hills.
[*]Autobreaking from fear or terror is gone.
[*]Combats are strictly decided in initiative order.

Warhammer 8th Ed Rulebook to be released July 10th
500+ pages (probably 528)
Possibly going to get the pdf erratas for all armies on July 6th

And then there were 5...

Done with the last block... So what I got left, is the general, two, shield bearers, the BSB and the last engineer.

I'll try to add some pictures later.

7 Days left.

Dashing through the snow...

What fun it is to laugh and sing a slaying song tonight!

Get it?!  Slaying? Druchii-humor.  Good stuff.

Time to Cowboy Up!

Well I finally did it. I finished my 10 warriors. It only took me a couple hours, and was no big deal. I think they look pretty good. I don't have any pics because Tamara is off to Brazil this week for Dell.

I figure that this week I'll finish the last 10 warriors. With Tamara gone, I'll probably have a bit on my time on my hands. I think I'm getting jazzed up to finish the Dwarfs (or at least jazzed up to be on to something different).


So I didn't make my goal this week. I didn't quite finish up my 10 warriors. I'm close, but I still have to do their bases, do a black wash, and then paint in the horns of their helmets.

I think I'm getting a bit burned out of painting the dwarfs. I didn't do any painting Monday or Tuesday, then went out to play D&D with some guys from work on Wednesday. But I think the main reason I wasn't able to finish my Dwarfs this week was the fact that the site looks like ass. :)

All my friends...

Know the Dark Rider.

Dark Rider is a little higher.
Dark Rider rides a little slower
Dark Rider is a real goer.

So anyway, tried the dip method in an attempt to make the horse a passable black without being completely devoid of detail. I didn't like the way it came out, but with some overpainting I was able to make it something I kinda dig. Opinions?

Sly Marbo move over..

The next Warhammer Army will be unstoppable.

Sure it's just one model, but with several hundred fists. And an entire army book full of special rules.

Anyone else think power creep is getting out of hand NOW?

The new Lizard list..

Slann Mage-Priest : Lord - General - Battle Standard Bearer
Power Stone - Once per battle, adds 2 dice to a casting roll.
Power Stone - Once per battle, adds 2 dice to a casting roll.
Cupped Hands of the Old One - One use only; If the bearer miscasts an enemy wizard within line of sight will suffer the effects (ignoring 5-6) on a 2+.
The Focused Rumination - The Mage-Priest adds one "free" power die to each spell cast
Focus of Mystery - The Mage-Priest knows every spell from one lore
Sun Standard of Chotec - Missiles fired at the unit suffer -1 to hit, -2 if fired within 12"

Okay so this weekend I created my warlord on a stick.. er.. on a war-litter.. All in all I think it came out nicely.. I used bitz and pieces from all over the place and gave it a rather slapdash paint job. As with my other paint jobs I will dip this one and it will bring out the details.. or if nothing else, hide the mess..

Here's the pre-dip picture.. I'll put the post dip picture up here in a day or two when I actually have the dip done..

Crewed Dilemma

So here is my first bolt thrower with crew.

And heres my second

Review: A Thousand Sons

Page 1: Blah blah blah...
Page 472: The Wolves Attack.
Page 556: The End.

I think Graham McNeill has the same problem that Dan Abnett has developed. They're both really friggin wordy. I know that this book and and Prospero Burns are supposed to go together, and I'm hoping that PB will deal a bit more with the actual combat, but after 470+ pages, I was hoping that there would be a bit more combat in the book.

Again, just like Abnett, there were a lot of sub plots that were just there...

Blah. 3 out of 5.

Dark Riders Kitbashed and Primed

I think they came out pretty good.

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