Longbeards 1 of 2

So I just finished up my first 10 Longbeards. For some reason this seemed like a shit-ton of detail work. A lot more, I feel than the other units I've done. For some reason it seemed that the shields were a PITA to complete. I am wondering it is because of all the gold.

Commisar Lord vs Primus Psyker

So I've been looking at my Guard again and have started working on models. I still like my Mech guard and have been looking at ways to make them more viable. One thing about Mechanized guard is that your HQ choice really needs to be cheap.

The only reason to take a Company Command unit is put a cheap Colonel in there with either 4 meltas or plasmas. The Order system is a waste on Mech lists.

The Commissar Lord seemed the only real choice. The problem I had with my first list was that I stuck him in with an Ogrynn unit (which is insanely expensive and still dies very easily). I thought that it would be better to put him in with a Veteran unit (saves alot of points and gives me one very Stubborn unit)

Then I got to looking at my 3rd choice, the Primus Psyker. 70pts (no upgrades allowed), laspistol/Force weapon, WS4, Ld9, and has an Invunerable save. His primary shooting attack is called Arc Lightning (range 24, St4, 2d6 hits). I could put him in a unit of Plasma Vets and he could shoot out of the top of the Chimera with his unit. In using him, the fluff behind him is that he is an Inquisator leading his own little army to root out alien and heretic scum.

Or as Pidge suggested, I need a Slaan.......

1000 Points Space Wolves for Team Tournament

So this is what I am thinking of for my 1000 point Space Pup army to go along with the Necrons.

Rune Priest with Runic Armor, Wolftooth Necklace and Storm Bolter
Jaws of the World Wolf, Living Lightning

Grey Hunter Pack x 10 with Flamer, Melta, Mark of the Wulfen and Power Fist
Rhino with Extra Armor, Storm Bolter, Smoke Launcher

Grey Hunter Pack x 10 with Flamer, Melta, Mark of the Wulfen and Power Fist
Rhino with Extra Armor, Storm Bolter, Smoke Launcher

Grey Hunter Pack x 5 with Melta, Mark of the Wulfen and Power Fist
Razorback with Extra Armor, TL Heavy Bolter, Smoke Launcher

Grey Hunter Pack x 5 with Melta, Mark of the Wulfen and Power Fist
Razorback with Extra Armor, TL Heavy Bolter, Smoke Launcher

993 points. 

67th Division, 3rd Company Mechanized

This is more of just a fun, fluffy list based around a Colonel Commissar, 4 Grizzled Veteran units from different Guard units, and a butt load of armor. It is by no means a tourney list (hence the lack of Valkyries).

Colonel Commissar Palestine Drake - Commissar Lord with BP/PW - Rides with 1st squad

1st Squad - 7 shotguns/3 Meltas
Chimera - Multilaser/HB/Heavy stubber

2nd Squad - 1 Plasma pistol/CCW, 6 Lasguns, 3 Plasmaguns
Chimera - Multilaser/HB/Heavy stubber

3rd Squad - 7 shotguns/3 meltas
Chimera - HB/HF

4th Squad - 1 Laspistol/CCW, 6 Lasguns, 3 Grenade Launchers
Chimera - HB/HF


Devildog - melta cannon/HF

2 Hellhounds - Inferno cannons/HB

3 Scout Sentinals - Autocannons


2 Lemun Russes BC/HB

2 Lemun Russes BC/HB

1 Lemun Russ Vanquisher with Lascannon

2000pts even....

Except for the Sentinals coming in on a board edge, that's a wall of AV 12+ moving across the board....


I haven't had much time to paint with Mardi Gras last weekend and packing for my site visits this week. I did redesign my Black Guard paintscheme though and managed to get the front rank painted up. There's also a preview in there of my kitbashed BSB Master if you squint real hard. I do still need to paint the banner for this unit, but I'm still working on what I want it to look like, so that may have to wait since I wont be getting any painting done at all this next week. So much for keeping up with the Joneses (Pidges)

Engineers, Crews and a Runesmith

So I finished my challenge for the week. I actually got quite a bit of work done during the week. I almost finished up my 6 warmachine crew before the weekend started. I think I did pretty good with them. Its kinda hard to see, but I tried my hand at "jeweling" the lenses of the goggles on the second guy from the right. I also made one of the goggle lenses gold while the rest of it is silver. I think I did a really good job on the muscles of the guy pulling the lever for the bolt thrower.

BoLScon 2010

Well first off, there is some stuff about BoLScon 2010 on the web site. There are (in theory) to posts up about the schedule, one being the "master schedule" and the other just having the "date" well if you go to the links, you'll see its the exactly same info, which is a bit disappointing. I was hoping to see the days and times different things would be going on.

Review: Rynn's World

So I finished Rynn's World last night. Wow, what a book. Steve Parker did a really good job with this book. From reading a lot of the fluff from the 40k book and other sources, I knew that the Crimson Fists were gunna get jacked up in this book, but Parker did an excellent job of fleshing it out.

I have really been impressed lately with the action "scenes" in a lot of BL books (40k and Fantasy), and this book is just as good. The battles were pretty epic, even when it was just a skirmish. The only thing I was disappointed with was the fact that the space battle was glossed over, but this was a pretty beefy book, so a chapter or two of space battle missing isn't too bad.

Damn You Black Library!

So I've been reading a lot of Black Library books. Recently I've started in on Fantasy. The first one I picked up was a Dorf book (of course) called Honourkeeper by Nick Kyme. I then went into the Gotrek and Felix First and Second Omnibuses (Omnibusi?). There were some really good books in there. I especially liked Daemonslayer and Beastslayer, and I loved the use of the Skaven in the books.

Two posts in two day?!

Well I finished up my Thunderers today (except the sides of the bases). I fell pretty good about them. The eyes look a bit like they have mascara on, but I don't like it when you paint in the whites of the eyes, because at the distance that you look at minis, you wouldn't be able to see the whites of person's eyes at a comparable distance. But that just me on that.

Updates updates updates

Well I realized that I haven't posted any pictures in a while, so here it goes...

I finished my Quarrelers a couple of weeks ago, and here they are... Notice they have a full command. As I said before, I will use the champion (guy on the far left with a crossbow and a hand weapon) as just a regular dude, but I don't think I'll use the banner often, so I had to piece together another dude, but I had the parts, so no biggie.

Druchii Update

I'm not doing a very good job of keeping track of the number of models I paint per week, but at least I'm making progress.

Beards, beards and more beards!

Well two weeks in a row, I've completed my self-imposed goal. The funny thing about these goals is that I set them for myself for an entire week, but I usually just do 95% of it on the weekend. I should set the goal on Friday and look like a total bad-ass and have it done by Sunday...

A New Header!

There is it. Yup.

Brettonian Roster #1

These are the Knights of the Iron Fist. I plan on using the Crimson Fist SM transfers on their shields, since I don't have any Brett transfers. It's been edited at Calvin's advice. Pretty straight forward. Men at Arms in the middle with BSB unit and two KotR units on the right flank, then the Lord, Errants, and Relique to the left. Spearheaded down the field.

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