2250 Pts - Dark Elves - Ghrond's Chill Embrace

The latest and greatest Druchii List. Comments welcome (Not that I plan on taking advice from a bunch of humans and mutant slaves)

High Sorceress
1 Supreme Sorceress (Druchii Sorcery; General; Level 4 Upgrade; Hand Weapon; Eternal Hatred)
1 Cold One (Thick-skinned; Causes Fear; Stupid)
1 Black Staff
1 Pendant of Khaeleth
1 1. Dark Hand of Death
1 2. Steal Soul
1 3. Wind of Death
1 4. Walking Death
1 5. Doom and Darkness!
1 6. Drain Life
1 0. Power of Darkness


So I'm very much not a fan of the GW Dark Elf Dark Riders. So I really don't like the idea of paying $12 a model for models I don't even like. So I pondered and came up with a kitbash that seems promising.



Bolt Thrower #2 done!

Up to Date (Sorta)

Well now that I can walk without  being hunched over like an old man, I figured I'd post an update.

I worked my ass off (or perhaps I should say my back off) this week, and I am pretty sure sitting at my desk hunched over for a minimum of 4 hours each day is what did my back in. The 8 hours I spent on Friday was probably the nail in the coffin, but I finished up the Hammerers.

Revamped SW 1000 points.

Runepriest: (Living Lightning, Murderous Hurricane), Wolftooth Necklace, Wolf Tail Talisman, Meltabomb, BP, Force Staff

Wolf Guard x 3: PFx2, Mark of the Wulfen

Thwap thwap thwap

So I got a bit behind. I let the gyrocopter lapse. I figured there would be time enough over spring break while my mom was here. I was planning to finish the gyrocopter and 20 Hammerers last week.

Then I got sick.

The Slaan list....

EDIT: So it's not enough to have a Slaan, I have to field more Temple Guard as well. What I was thinking of doing is making the Temple Guard unit 6 models wide, which would put the Slaan in the exact middle and would give me a total of 19 Temple Guard (Which I have, just need to paint 6 more). If I field any more than that, not only do I have to buy more models, I also will have to drop other units that I really like, which sorta takes the fun out of the game. So here it is:

Mechanized army

Coming soon to a battlefield near you....

Mother-FFF'in Khorne!!

I am buying John's Warriors of Chaos off of him and will be going for a Khorne list, since everyone believes this will suit my tactics. Heres a list with what I have:

Khorne Lord - WS8/St6/To5/In7/At6/Sv1+
Demonic Mount
Axe of Khorne
Enchanted Shield
Collar of Khorne -Magic Resist (2)
Favor of the Gods

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