Okay, you asked for it....

You guys wanted me to paint an Aquila wing on the Valkyrie. So I practised first by putting Arrows on the top on my Rhinos. They came out halfway decent, so I tried the Valk and this is how it turned out. I told you I wasn't that good of a painter, so I think it came out kinda cheesy...

Warlock and Farseer Part "??"

Eh they're close enough to done. The farseer is gonna get a bit more detail on his robes. But this is close enough.

Commisar musings

So after playing Tom's guard today and facing his Commisar lord I think I have found an issue. Tom is using (I believe) the Commisar-Colonel (or is it Colonel-Commisar) Gaunt mini (seen below)

The problem with Gaunt is that he is just too, "OK guys lets all gather around for a group hug and then go kill the heretics!"
I think Tom needs an ass-kicking commisar that will put the fear of god into his enemies. I was cruising the GW site and found they had a whole page dedicated to commisar minis. Out of the ones there, I think this guy is the scariest.

But thats just my own personal $0.02.

67 Division nearing completion

The vehicles are almost done. You'll notice that the formerly "blue" Chimera has been converted into my HQ Chimera. Since it will have a Commissar Lord riding in it, I added alittle 'bling' to it and gave it a better looking communication system.

Arma 2

Ok this is totally not 40k related. But I've been a fan of this game series from way back. And this one looks freakin awesome. They appear to have really beefed up the tactical command interface for this incarnation, and the graphics look pretty spectacular. According to D2D it releases today.

Official Game Trailer

Calendar Link

Hey I created and posted a link to a shared google calendar. Dunno if that's the solution, but y'all take a look at it and let me know what you think.

Why I didn't get any painting done today....

Being a "better" Dad, I spent the afternoon playing a large Heroscape battle against the boys. Dustin's 2000pt human army and Jake's 2000pt Elf army took on my 2000pt Ork/Vampire/Werewolf/Demon army (Plus some dragons thrown in for fun...)

Farseer and Warlock day 3

Here's what I did today. I hoped to get more done but I was so tired that my eyes were crossing.

Team Calender

The web blog is very cool and I like how easy it is to post pics of our work on it, but we still need a Team Calender to set up battles. Is the little calender in the corner of the blog accessible by all?

I hate yellow

that is all.

Seer council progress

Did some work on the seer council today. Tried to focus on just two models so I could get a little further. Still a long way to go though even just on these two.


First. I have given the three of you access to customize the layout of the page
(I will do it, or I guess one of you can do it) for John when he gets a chance to sign in. I really dont care what it looks like. If you find a better planner for the Calendar than the crappy one I found, feel free to put it up.

I put the team picture up. Calvin, do you have a version of just the SW one?

What I did today. I spend today doing shoulders.

I am finally able to differentiate between my different squads. Grey Hunters will have red and black on their right shoulder, split down the middle.

The Blood Claws colors are supposed to be yellow and red. I think I am going to paint up on of the guys in red and yellow and see how it looks, but I kinda like red and yellow. Just an FYI, these are the first coats of red and yellow in the foundation paints. I plan I putting the brighter colors on tomorrow.

New painting projects

The current projects. I expect the Seer Council to get done "soon". The exorcists are likely to remain in that state for awhile.

67th Division in progress

Here is some pics of my army as it progress's to completion. The Vendetta is built and just needs painting......

40K all up in here

I just felt like we needed to 40k this place up. The Longhorn gnome needs to scroll off before I am inclined to curb-stomp it.

Badge Design

Initial design for the badge.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Requests?

I'm open to whatever ideas y'all might have to change it. I just threw this together.

Test Post

I am testing out the posting. It seems easy enough that even I can do it.

Testing posting a picture.

So if you guys sign up for blogger, I can add you to the site and you can post what you want.

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