Review: Sons of Dorn

This book by Chris Roberson tells the tale of some Imperial Fists as they go from being "regular" humans through their induction into the Fists, their time as scouts and their eventual elevation to full battle brothers.

This book is interesting because in the book Heroes of the Space Marines which was published a year or so ago, we see the main characters in the short story Gauntlet Run.  So this first story falls somewhere in the timeline of the novel, but isn't really discussed.

Get your Drink on!

I know Calvin & Jason play Warhammer online so they may have seen this, but I thought the rest of you might like it seeing as everyone is on the WHFB kick.

I mean if you've got $300 bucks to spend before May 31st, there are worse things to buy. Check it out here.

New vs Old

Heres the new Lemun Russ model that I assembled and painted for display at Wonko's. It's sitting next to the "now" old style Lemun Russ. I like it. The turret is longer and not as blocky and weapon swaps are easy.

Wulfen anyone?

So the Mark of the Wulfen upgrade that I can put in one of my Grey Hunters, Blood Claws or Wolf Guard Units. The dude in the unit that has the mark replaces the number of attacks he normally has with D6+1 attacks with rending. If someone has a special weapon (fist, claws etc.) the special rules for the weapon are not used. This is still frigging awesome. I have charged a sole survivor with the mark into a full squad of Tau fire warriors and wiped them out.

For the modeling side of this, I wanted to get a box of the 13th Company Wulfen from the old 3rd ed mini-dex Eye of Terror. These minis are pretty cool and show the fluff of the model. It says that the marked Space Wolf has shunned the use of any close combat weapons and is clawing at his opponent.

The problem is that these minis are OOP and go for a mint on eBay. I believe the original box went for $35, and I have no problem spending $7 on a mini as most metal minis are $15+ on the GW site. On ebay you are lucky to get the box for $70.

So I was cruising the interwebs and I found these bits from Maxmini as I was reading the Hogs of War blog. I'm not 100% on these, but 6 heads for $10 beats 5 dudes for $70.

I may have to pick some up.

Updates! Crimson Templars

So my first batch of shipments from eBay and GW are in and here are the fruits of my labors. I have created a Crusader squad of Black Templars. I have added a Chaplin to lead them, and 
The next thing I really like about this squad is the neophytes. I got some Warriors of Chaos helmeted heads from WHFB and cut the horns off. I also did a bit of surgery so they are all sporting chain swords. I got an old-school Castellan mini off of eBay for about $3, but hes in pretty bad shape, I'm not sure if I'll use him.

Sticking with the Imperial Fists successors, my next squad is a pretty vanilla Crimson Fists squad. I mainly got these ones so I could paint up Pedro Kantor. I think his mini is one of the best Space Marine Minis out there. 
Along with these guys I bought the Crimson Fists accessory packs, so that I would have the raised shoulder pads. Everyone in the squad has one.
I just got my next check for proctoring the SAT, so I have another order to GW for my next squads. 

Well thats what I've been up to, how about everyone else?

I am going to BoLScon

So I was thinking I was going to skip BoLScon this year. At first it was because of the seven 2000 point games. I am just too old and too fat and too crappy at 40k to spend so much time over one weekend standing around. Another thing is that with the 40k tourney I didn't get to see anything else going on, there were Space Hulk demonstrations going on last year that I really would have liked to have sat in on. So the tournament was right out for me.

Then they opened up the team tournament on Friday. Tamara and I were going to go and each bring 1000 points and throw down and get our asses beat. But that was gonna be a bit pricey. It would have been $30 each for weekend registration, and then $25 each for the tournament. I was planning on going down on Saturday and Sunday to watch games, find pick-up games and play in any demonstrations, but Tamara probably would not have come down, so we were paying $30 for her to get in for one day.

So the other day BoLS posts that Dave Taylor will be doing classes at BoLScon for green stuff and what not. If you don't know who Dave Taylor is, he used to be a GW employee, but has since moved on. He currently is a bad ass converter. Check out some of his conversions. 

Anywho, I am going to be signing up for this shortly, and I thought it would be cool if some of you guys came along as well. I know that just about everyone has done some conversion work on minis from time to time.


Would anyone else besides me want to play it? Or should I not bother with it?

Summary of rumors:

Spearhead, and how you play it!

Basically at least, I'm not giving any detail (because I can't, I was just given a short overview)

1st: Pick your Army.

You all know the basic FoC? Can draw it while sleeping? Good. Spearhead uses the same FoC - with two major changes. The first: No minimums. You don't have to field a HQ. You don't need Core Units. The Second: There are apocalypse-datasheet-like Units. You may field as many of those as you want, though you may not duplicate any of them.
So, your army will consist of: 0 - 2 HQ, 0 - 3 Elites, 0-6 Core, 0-3 Fast attack, 0-3 Heavy support, and 0+ "Big Spearhead Units". Appearantly, if you are having a 2000 points battle, you would have to field something. Just pick your choice.

So: You don't need to field anything with a AV at all. It's just that anything with a AV will get some huge boosts.

2nd: Deployment.

Both armys are deployed at the narrow board edges. Ah, Meltaguns for infantry only work like, 12 inches? To bad. It's your fault showing up with infantry for a tank battle. Forward, for the emperor, CHARGE!! (Though, not to far forward, remember, they got meltaguns...)

3rd: Scoring units: In addition to core units, any vehicle or walker and all Spearhead-battlehosts score. Even if immobilized, stunned or shaken and/or stripped of all weapons.

in addition to this;
- spearhead units are either groups of 3 tanks (no more no less) OR groups of 1 superheavy
- the spearhead formations gain different USRs depending on their role; ie: tankhunters for pred annihilators, scout for some fast vehicles, etc
- works similar to apoc formations, with a small points cost for the spearhead formation
- pretty sure superheavies don't get USRs

Tank Hunter Squadron - Up to three Tanks. Gains the Tank Hunter special rule.
Skyfall Squadron. - Up to three Skimmers. Gains the ability to Deepstrike. On the turn the squadron deepstrikes into play, shooting attacks from the unit gains Pinning, and always hit the side armour of vehicles.
Superheavy Squadron - One Superheavy. Can be either FW or Apoc. If deployed on the table (instead of being put into reserve), it suffers an automatic penetrating hit, representing it attracting fire from the defenders.
Archeotech Squadron - Up to three Walkers. Weapons gain +1S with potential drawbacks.
Ambush Squadron - Up to three Walkers. Gains Infiltrate and Stealth, but must be deployed on the table (i.e. cannot be outflanked).
Monstrous Creature Squadron - Up to six Monstrous Creatures. Gains Rage, Furious Charge, Fleet and Counter-attack.

New spearhead rules are in WD366.

pretty much all of the issue is devoted to 40K with spearhead in mind. Lots on IG vehicles, and eldar, with a full bat rep between the 2.

Deployment rules and setup rules are in there as well as how spearhead works.

Deployment will be 100% different, and different again to apoc. This is new.

Objective based missions.

Objective taking is different, and the number and type of objectives is new. Better than apoc.

Can easily be moulded to fit apoc.

You don't actually need tanks to play But they will help.

I Have an Author-Man-Crush

So I think Black Library has a new king and his name is Aaron Dembski-Bowden. I thought he did a excellent job in his first book Cadian Blood which I have already reviewed. I have just finished reading two of his most recent books Helsreach and Soul Hunter.

I fell both books are do a very good job of bringing me what i want in a BL book. A good friggin story and nothing else.

New terrain...

New terrain I've finished...


Here's the vehicles I've finished so far.....

Next Project

So now that I'm dong painting Dorfs for a bit (I still have a full block of miners and 10 or so Slayers to paint up) I am itching to get back to painting 40k. I was hoping to start a new army but some Indian-seller (joking joking) foiled my plans, and there really isn't an army I'd like to start right now. I wouldn't mind doing Sisters, but I don't want all that metal. It sounds like Grey Knights might be the next ones redone, so maybe when they come out.

Review: Thunder From Fenris

So the Black Library has been doing audio books for a little while now. One of the first ones they did was a Space Wolf book by Nick Kyme called Thunder From Fenris. I have been wanted to get it for some time now but I haven't been able to find it at Barnes and Noble or Borders. I finally got it off of eBay for a bit under "cover price".

I have never listened to a book on "tape" before, so I really didn't know what to expect. The guy the got to read it, Toby Longworth, did a pretty good job. There are three main characters and Toby did a pretty good job of making them all sound different (even though one of them sounded remarkably like a republican governor from California). I also enjoyed the sound effects. There were bolters and lasguns and howling wolves and the sound of a power axe going into a zombie brain; all were very interesting to listen to.

Not to be a D-Bag...

I know it's been a long time since the Eldar got any love, but I don't think I like the new Fire Prism model coming out in June.

Done and done!

Actually finished it Friday. I still have to do the edges of the bases and the movement trays, but close enough for government work. More pictures sometime.

I think I'll be taking a break before I start painting again. Probably until school is done.

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